4 ways to introduce Newbies to Wine


So, your brother in-law drinks beer. ONLY beer.  Always has and always will, he says.  Can you lure him to the dark (red wine) side?  Maybe not.  However, here are a few strategies that might encourage someone new to wine to try a sip…or 2 or 3.

  1. During an outdoor project, in the heat of the day, offer the newbie a mimosa (orange juice and champagne). Yes, this is cheating a little, but at least they’ll experience some bubbles.
  1. Again, on a hot day, offer your newbie a glass of chilled Chardonnay — an easy drinker, not too buttery or oaky — or, a Pinot Gris, that user-friendly white. Plus, some super finger food that will make the point that wine and food are AWESOME.  Crab cakes, cold salmon, brie on a cracker?  What worked for you?
  1. You’re watching a movie so bring out the popcorn…and Chardonnay! A buttery Chardonnay this time — with buttered popcorn, it’s a pairing that will  stun any newbie or any connoisseurs, for that matter…
  1. Invite your newbie to dinner. A long dinner, with a main course of beef.  The newbie may want just water, or sparkling water, but rather insist they take the glass of the beautifully complex Cabernet Sauvignon you’re offering.  Ask them to humor you by sipping just a little to start with.  And then one sip every 15 minutes if that’s all they can manage.

About an hour into your dinner, your newbie may experience the transcendent power of a great wine as it unfolds from its tight, bottled beginning to luscious layers of flavors.  As the wine reveals itself, so may your newbie become more open to the real possibility that wine is worth the pour.

Let us know…did you make a convert to wine?

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