Test Your Wine ‘n Food Pairing Savvy


Are you a quaffer? One of those people who drink wine just by itself?  Or are you a foodie?  A person who finds delight in pairing wine with food? Here’s a quiz we hope will entertain all types of wine and food lovers.

  1. Which is the best wine to go with a grilled steak?

a) Pinot Noir

b)  Zinfandel

c)  Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Which of these wines would you choose with a crab salad?

a) sparkling wine

b)  Sauvignon Blanc

c)  Pinot Noir

  1. Pinot Noir is versatile wine with food. It goes well with everything from pizza to salmon to Indian cuisine.

It would be the perfect choice for Thanksgiving dinner,

Except for one thing.  What is that?


  1. (c)
  2. any of the 3
  3. cranberry sauce kills delicate Pinot Noir

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