3 favorite Summertime Wines


Care for a chilled white on a hot summer day?  Of course you do!!  How about a friendly Rosé?  We’ve found that even bold red wine only lovers will happily accept a well-chilled white in August, or a light red.

There’s something incredibly refreshing about the clean flavors of a crisp white wine, or the subtle delight of a chilled, lightweight red.  Each sip trickles down so easily. When you add the right food pairing, it’s heaven.

So, what are three reliable summertime wines … three wines that everybody will love?

Viognier (Vee-ohn-yay):  Beautiful floral nose, lightly flavorful palate.  A real friend on a hot day.

Rosé of Pinot:  This one’s hot in wine country right now and for good reason.  Nuanced layers of flavor make it delightful with or without food.

Blanc de Blancs (methode champenoise):  This sparkling wine is made of all white grapes, usually Chardonnay.  Buy a premium sparkler made using laborious and time-consuming methode champenoise techniques.  Blanc de Blancs is a completely different experience of bubbly — perfect to celebrate the long days of summer.

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